Type ABC Nitro Race

Test drive how fast you type alphabets! Type ABC Nitro Race is a game where you try to beat another nitro rc car and make a new lap record, just type A-Z nitro fast!

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How to Play Type ABC Nitro Race

Welcome to beta test drive our updated Type ABC Nitro Race game version 2! Your mission is to type a-z to accelerate your Nitro RC Car, please do not worry about changing the driving direction as the autopilot takes care of your steering wheel. You simply control the speed of the vehicle.
In this rc race game you simply need to type each alphabet A-Z in the correct order to drive as fast as you can. You will see your best lap record and WPM on the speed meter on top of screen. After you reach the finish, you will see how many seconds it took for you to type all alphabets through. If you type alphabets more than once through during a round, you will see the best score. Always if you make a typing mistake, your car will slow down immediately.

You are driving the red nitro rc car against the green rc car. Green car is driven by computer with a chosen WPM speed, you can choose your target WPM in the begin of the game. Default value for green car is 15 WPM.

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