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139 Amazing Free Games For Typing Faster

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Fun Typing Practice! 139 Free TypingGames for Kids and Adults

For ages learning has been said to activate the following three human senses at the same time: seeing, hearing and motoric. No doubt keyboarding requires all those senses too. Conscious thinking takes place in the big brain of a human body. The big brain forms a so-called learning centre. The small brain guides automatic functions. Learning a new skill requires first conscious thinking of the matter to be learnt. After that muscles will get commands from the brain to carry out the required task. The automatic use of a keyboard is learnt exactly that way. All keys and symbols of the keyboard are divided into specific groups based on their location. Basic keys for the left hand are A S D F and for the right-hand J K L and semi-colon on American keyboards. From this so-called home row position, the finger movements are as short as possible when the correct touch-type technique is used.

Learning is an overall process of receiving, modifying and interpreting information. The human brain is wiser than a computer can ever be. The left side of the human brain includes all logic-analytical functions based on knowledge whereas the right side could be called "the manager of creativity". When learning to type, the right side of the brain is in charge of the thinking process, analyzing instructions and making the fingers then hit the correct keys.

Digitalization has brought laptops, Chromebooks, PCs, and tablets into everyday use in schools. Even kindergartners are already using different devices to learn new things. The keyboard is an essential part of using digital devices, and practicing to touch-type is gaining more and more momentum. While the smallest of learners don't need to know how to touch-type when going to school, it's never too early to get familiar with the keyboard. Typewriter games on our website provide a welcome practice for learners, starting their keyboarding lessons later on. Studies show that kids build a positive, rewarding, and encouraging relationship for typing through playing typewriter games.

Young learners can start with easy introductory games such as Key Memory Game, which improves both concentration and keyboarding skills. This brain game enables kids to train their memory, and the goal is to memorize and find pairs of the same cards and finally turn over pairs of matching cards with the keyboard. Kids are not required to know how to type, but they will start learning the keys on the keyboard, which helps when learning to touch-type later on.

The history of typewriters dates back at least to 1714, when Englishman Henry Mill filed a patent for "an artificial machine or method for the impressing or transcribing of letters singly or progressively one after another". The first practical modern typewriter was patented in 1868 by C. L. Sholes, S. W. Soule and G. Glidden. It was not a great success but it founded a worldwide industry and brought mechanization to dreary, time-consuming office work. Qwerty keyboard was invented by C. L. Sholes and it was granted patent in 1878. The name "Qwerty" comes from the first six letters in the top alphabet row. In 1933 IBM revolutionized the industry by combining typewriters and electricity. Initially people learned to type in a classroom or from a book.

Typewriting is a skill everyone should be able to perform accurately, swiftly and automatically. Automaticity frees some of the limited capacity of short-term memory for other uses. Short-term memory, also frequently called working memory, is where learning and thinking activities occur.

Advancing keyboarding skills is at the heart of many teachers. They want to see their kids type quickly, just as bad as each kid wants to be the fastest typist. Each gaming app associated with our website provides a different interface, theme, or strategy to be utilized when participating. Some videogames feature different levels from easy to hard. The differentiation between each level can help give students a goal to strive for. This keeps the kids interested and focused on the task at hand. If your school is already using a keyboarding program, our gaming site offers lots of extra material to keep students motivated.

One of our most popular games, Typing Attack, is an educational game where you learn to type words quickly. Your mission is to attempt to survive an attack in space. Approaching ships are identified as words, and you must type those words to destroy the ship before it reaches and destroys you. Higher difficulty levels are available, allowing the player to choose a more leisurely learning pace or turn up the challenge to a more high-intensity laser-blasting affair. Typing Attack is perfect for older students to hone their keyboarding skills and have fun at the same time.

Learning the entire keyboard can often be difficult. Fingers that are being used for typewriting should be limited to very few in the beginning. Our gaming website offers the ability to learn different portions of the keyboard at once. Home row, extended home row, upper row, all letters, a combination of letters and numbers, and 10-key options headline the different courses of action for the individual. This can benefit the teachers in the sense of a proper lesson plan. The teacher can ask everyone to start with home row keys only (with our Dance Mat and Type And Run Game) and then progress slowly to all letters on the keyboard with KeyMan and KeyTower. After each key has first been trained separately, it's a good time to start to type words by playing TypingRace and TypingAttack. This kind of "bottom to up" learning process supports all kids.

The development of various free keyboarding online websites such as TypeTastic has made some incredible progress in recent history. Students have been able to benefit from the new innovations and teachers have gotten useful tools to promote valuable keyboarding skills. Nowadays keyboarding practice lessons can be more fun than ever in history! Now you can arrange a short summer keyboarding camp every day.

The fingers will develop the muscle memory.
Hand-eye coordination gets a lot better.
Alternative method for students having issues with handwriting.
Increase words per minute speed and accuracy.
Kids learn also spelling words and vocabulary.
Better work opportunities when kids are adults.

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