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Bubbles! (Flash)

In this exciting underwater game your goal is to burst the bubbles before they reach the surface of the sea. (Flash Required)

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How to Play

Learn to touch type with Bubbles! The straightforward object of the game is to press the letters or symbols that float up from the ocean floor before they reach the surface of the sea. The faster and more accurately you type, the higher your score!

The playing screen shows a colorful reef in the background and displays the standard QWERTY keyboard below the playing field. The keyboard is color coded to help you remember which finger should reach for each key. Pinkie fingers target red keys, ring fingers press purple keys, middle fingers use blue keys, and index fingers take care of the aqua and green keys. The target letters in their bubbles rise in columns above their keyboard location, giving you a hint!

To the right of the playing field is the score board and the time bar. Each level lasts for sixty seconds. If you get distracted or stuck, don’t worry! The game will automatically pause for you. In earlier levels you have plenty of time to press the right key before the bubble gets to the top. If you hit the wrong key, just try again. Hitting the wrong letters will lower your score, so do your best to always press the right key!


There are six levels to choose from. The levels offer a pretty natural difficulty progression. The game doesn’t force you to progress in order, so you can skip around. You can spend all six rounds on the same level if you would like.

Level one is by far the easiest level, perfect for the beginning typist. Only one letter appears at a time, and the letters appear in sequence from left to right. You will only need to concentrate on one finger at a time, and you will know which finger! Level one is perfect for getting to know the layout of the keyboard. A new letter will not appear until you have correctly typed the current letter.

In level two groups of three letters appear at once. You will need to type them in order from left to right. The letter groups are always from adjacent columns, so you won’t need to do anything too complicated.

Level three is back to one letter appearing at a time. Unlike level one, the letters aren’t in any particular order and four will appear in quick succession even if you haven’t correctly selected the first letter. The next group of bubbles will not begin until you have completed the current one. After every fourth correct letter, you get half second breather before the next letter starts to make its way to the top of the ocean.

Bonus levels four through six are expansions of level three. Again, the letters aren’t in any particular pattern and they will continue to appear groups. Level four has groups of five bubbles, level five has groups of six, and level six has groups of eight. The bubbles will rise slightly faster than earlier levels.

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