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Crazy Hill Climb Racer

9999 Learn how to drive in snow and ice uphill. Crazy Uphill Driving game will teach homerow keys but might drive you crazy. Press space to spin if you find yourself stuck and keep keys down a bit longer.

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Learn physics of winter driving uphill! New Crazy Racer Driving game teaches homerow keys while you ice drive in lapland winter as crazy. If your car is no more moving, you need to cool down, you can try to drive slowly back and forward, or hit space to spin your car against the physics, one tip is also to keep down homerow keys a bit longer to avoid slipping. Play this game with home row keys (ASDFJKL) and type crazy words to and drive against physical forces and winter conditions. If you are stuck try to hit spacebar and your car spins around itself forward like a snow ball.
Note: there are some special key tips shown on top during the game for advanced drivers, watch out! You will e.g. get instructions how to drive backward that is needed to get car moving on ice. Slippery driving uphill in snow or ice can cause your vehicle to go out of your control easily. Think you are driving downhill toward a stoplight, and when you press brakes, nothing happens. You're not having a smooth stop but instead you're slipping, and there is a risk that you hit the car in front of you. To avoid crash get familiar with this ice driving simulation game.

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