Flight Simulator

TypeTastic.com Improve your keyboarding with Flight Simulator. Control your Aircraft with both fore fingers FJ and keys UN RV. Hit Y to enter your destination airport. H = Help

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How to Play

Improve your keyboarding with this Aircraft Flight Simulator. Control the airplane stick with FJ and UN keys. Engine power is adjusted with RV (left hand fore finger). You can choose to fly in the selected country (pick one from dropdown list) or you can enter your own destination airport city/country name by hitting Y.
- To receive a new radio message / mission instructions any time hit W.
-Hit T and E to change a view. Pick a faster airplane or fighter with Q key.
-Read the complete help about about all possible hot keys by pressing H key.
- This Flight Sim (C) by NGUYEN.Chung (freeware 2014)
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