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Guess Who I am

60 Guess who? A nice and easy robot chat game for junior typists K1/2. Type easy words guessing which animal is out there chatting with you.

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A nice and easy robot chat game for K-5 kids. The goal in this traditional guess who am I game is to guess which animal is chatting with you. This chat is safe to play with, there is nobody else online except "the animal" you are chatting with.
This game is suitable for K1/k2 kids and it motivates kids to learn to spell names of animals properly so that game recognizes the name.
Game contains approx 5 animals to guess and afterwards game is asking in chat some open feedback from the kid what game he prefers to play next. Some kids may believe in the begin of the game that there is somebody really chatting with them, however when that someone says he is e.g. animal from africa, kids should finally understand this is just a fun game.

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