KeyBall Maze

60 Escape from the labyrinth! Guide the ball through maze with extended home row keys ASDF JKL EI. Use one or both hands to find a way out. Simple addictive game.

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How to Play

This is a very classic ball maze game where your mission is to find a route out from the 3D labyrinth!

You control the direction of the ball with extended home row key set S D F E (left hand) or J K L I (right hand). Make sure you keep your fingers properly on the home row locations. You use three or six fingers at time to move around. KeyBall game is also suitable for one hand typists. You can use either left or right hand alone or both hands at the same time to move the ball around the maze. Good luck!

TIP: If you are one day lost in a public garden labyrinth, there is luckily an easy way to figure a way out! Always turn to same direction and finally you are out!

Performance issues? If you think the ball moves too slowly in the labyrinth, try to adjust the size of your Browser Windows to be smaller and 3D graphic processing will be a lot faster!
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