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Deep below the ocean's surface lies an infinite bounty of treasure, danger and adventure. Are you a fast enough typer to explore it all in Keyman?

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How to Play

Keyman is a maze-based puzzle game that has you guiding the world's greatest scuba diver through three levels of courses. Somewhere in these aquatic mazes is a treasure chest containing more riches than you could ever imagine. Opening it, though, will require you to collect the various keys strewn about each course by manipulating the direction of various letter markers placed all about.

As our hero approaches these markers, you will need to press the letter indicated in order to chance the arrow's direction to the way you want him to go. Each time that you pass by a marker the requested letter changes, meaning that you'll need to think as quick as you type in order to ensure to that Keyman picks up every key along the way and opens the level's great treasure.

Watch out, though, as the difficulty escalates with each higher level. Soon dangerous piranhas that deprive you of your keys when you touch them will appear, as well as tricky red barriers that require you to press the indicated key ahead of time in order to pass through safely. Hey, nobody said that being the world's greatest deep-sea explorer was going to be easy.

Although having a fast set of fingers certainly helps, success in Keyman requires players to do more than just showcase their keyboard wizardry. Here, you must be able to think more than one move ahead in order to find the most optimal path through each level. Only those with the ability to account for new threats as they appear and adjust their course appropriately will be able to achieve the highest score possible.

Of course, those that really want to hit the kind of high score that will stand forever know that it is the bonus round that gives them the best chance to do so. Once you grab that treasure, you've got one minute to collect as many coins and gems as you can before the game is up. Moving along the last set path and grabbing coins as you go will certainly bump up that high score, but only those that can think as quickly as Keyman glides through the water will find that planning out the route that allows you to grab all those precious gems - and the points they give - before the timer is up will be able to truly master this exciting game.

Whether you're looking for a fun way to teach someone key placement, or you're just the type of gaming fan that think they have the typing prowess it takes to become a master, you will find few typing exercises more creative than Keyman. So grab your scuba gear, take a deep breath and get those fingers on the home key row as you prepare to dive into this aquatic adventure.

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