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Keyphant Trampoline

Perform marvelous tricks to impress the judges! In this very fast game your fingers will fly while the elephant is jumping. Play with the homerow or select keys a-z.

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How to Play

The world's most acrobatic elephant needs your help to impress the judges in Keyphant Trampoline game. Keyphant's exciting trampoline maneuvers are only made possible when you are quick enough to type in the series of letters that appear while he is airborne. If you can manage to type in the correct sequence of letters that appear, Keyphant will treat you to athletic wonders the likes of which you have never seen before. However, a single typo will cause you to fail the sequence and make Keyphant tumble to the trampoline below. Make too many errors in a row, and Keyphant's show many end with bad scores from the judges.

Mastering your home row keys is the trick to success in Keyphant, as the game's randomized letter sequences require you to be able to explore the entire keyboard with rapid precision instead of being able to type familiar words. Unusual letter sequences may throw you offer at first, so the best approach is often to take every sequence one letter at a time. Typing accuracy matters more than speed in the beginning of the game, meaning that knowing every key placement and confidently being able to reach them as they appear on screen is the path to victory.

However, as you progress you will find that Keyphant rewards players that are able to type the requested sequences as fast as possible with higher judge scores at the end of your round. Getting these better ratings mean that you'll have to soon start completing the requested typing sequences in record time. Just remember that no matter how hard things may seem, your expert typing skills and the experience you earned in the beginning learning how to find every key will ensure that Keyphant will continue to dazzle the audience with incredible tricks just as you continue to dazzle yourself with how great of a typer you have become!

Keyphant is a game that evolves in the challenge it provides as you become a better typer yourself. You'll find yourself coming back to it, again and again, to see if you can beat your high score, and to use the game's built-in social media share features to invite your friends to play to and create a fun series of Keyphant competitions that will help everyone improve their typing skills while having a great time.

Only those with the fastest fingers will be able to keep up on Keyphant's challenging expert mode that combines numbers and difficulty, but players of all skills will surely agree that this fun loving typing tool is a perfect 10.

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