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Drop Crates on top of each other to make a sky high tower. Type the key or sequence shown in the crate to drop it. Pick keys to practice from Control Keys.

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How to Play

KeyTower turns quick reflexes at the keyboard into a fun way to score big at the beach with crates stacked as fast as you can type. Just enter the right letter or number at the right time to send your crate sailing down solidly on your platform. Don't forget where you placed it, since you'll need to continue stacking new crates with new buttons on top of the same location - with a little leeway for physics, of course.

If you're lucky, tapping the right key at the right time will land a swinging box solidly on top of its previous buddy. But if you miss the timing, you may find your box tower teetering unevenly from edge to edge, or even see your chance at a score tumble helplessly to the ground. Different key mode options help you customize your experience according to how much of the keyboard you feel you've mastered. Whether you're best friends with as little as the home row keys (like A, S, D, or F!) or every letter and number available, KeyTower gives you the power to raise the bar just to where you need it, and no higher than that.

No matter how well-centered or crazily off-balance your tower of crates happens to be, you'll be rewarded with a hundred points to your score for every successful key landing at the right time. While the background ocean breeze and scenic music may tempt you to take your time, you'll need to rush and make the most of your limited timer if you want to beat the best high score. Just don't rush too fast, or you could miss your pallet and end up gifting your crate to the golden sands.

Even worse, you could make a typo, which deducts fifty points from your score! Can you take the pressure and be a fast AND accurate typist at the same time? 'Cheating' by peeking at your keyboard costs precious time, encouraging you to use good typist practices and memorizing the layout of your keyboard with your hands. By the time your own personal skyscraper is finished, typing whole sentences with your eyes closed will seem like a beach breeze.

Designed for kids below twelve but crazy fun for all ages, KeyTower gives you an shoreside experience like no other. So start typing right and stack those boxes, just to see how high you can go!

TIP: If you want to play this game without a time limit, please play the older KeyTower flash version here.

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