TypeOut Nitro Race

Let's have a road trip! TypeOut car driving simulator teaches you middle row keys. Hit steering keys to move left/right or hit gas pedal key to speed up. Space is brake. What is your lap record?

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How to Play TypeOut Nitro Race

Ready, steady, go! Let's have a road trip race and learn to type at same time! Can you outrun faster than other race cars? Type fast to control both the speed and steering. For accurate steering keep left or right key down as long as necessary. Your mission is to race a track in the shortest time possible.
Choose the control keys to play, by default the game uses middle row ASDFGHJKL. if you like to have easiest game level choose HOME ROW ONLY keys. If you like to make the game harder, choose to play with extended home row keys or even with all keys A-Z.

Tip: Hit spacebar to slow down your driving speed and avoid crashes. On the most center block you will see both the current key to accelerate and also the next key in a smaller font.
What is your lap record? After one lap, you will see if you got a high score, you can immediately continue the next lap.

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