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Classic ball-and-paddle game where you collect coins with a ball by pressing two keys appearing in the paddle.

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You may be no stranger to the classic ball and paddle game genre, but have you ever played one with the ability to turn you into a typing expert? Welcome to TyperNoid.

Like some the defining titles of this genre, TyperNoid is all about testing your table tennis skills by asking you to manipulate a paddle up and down in order to see how many coins you can collect across the board. Unlike any ball and paddle game that has come before, here success is not determined by how fast you can manipulate a joystick or directional keys, but rather by how fast of a typer you fancy yourself to be.

TyperNoid's paddle contains two letter that must be pressed in order to move the paddle in the letter's corresponding direction. If "v" is the top letter on the paddle and "t" is the bottom letter, then "v" will move you up and "t" will move you down. By pressing the correct letters in time with the ball's movements, you will propel it forward to collect coins that give you points and end the level. Sounds simple, right?

Well, where things become tricky is when you take into account that these letters change each time they are used. This rapid change to the directional commands will force players to be able to confidently maneuver between shifting keys even as the speed of the ball's movement becomes greater and greater. All the while, a series of obstacles and enemies will be trying to hinder your progress. Should any of these obstacles make you miss your ball three times, then your run is over.

TyperNoid is a game that requires enough keyboard knowledge to be able to maneuver between keys without looking, enough speed to be able to do so at a moment's notice, the gaming skills necessary to perfectly project the ball towards its intended destination and memory enough to make sure that you are able to know what new keys just appeared where so that you can hit them without second thought.

While there is certainly enough challenge in TyperNoid to keep even the most capable of keyboard experts on their toes, the feeling of watching your hard work pay off as all of these necessary skills come together is motivation enough to ensure that you continue to play this delightful game and watch as your abilities and high score continue to grow.

Before you know it, you're having too much fun making your quick fingers dance across the keyboard en route to perfectly placed shots to even stop and notice that you've become a typing expert capable of making the most incredible plays seem simply ordinary.

Easy to learn, tough to master and a whole lot of fun in between, TyperNoid is an incredible typing tool that will have you confidently navigating keyboards with a smile on your face in no time.

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