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Colossal Cave Typing Adventure

60 Colossal Cave text adventure from 1976! You control the player character by entering text commands.

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Play Colossal Cave Adventure online and learn to type faster! This is the very first text adventure game ever created. Type HELP if you do not know what to do. Search more tips from Wikipedia with keyword Colossal Cave.

Somewhere nearby is Colossal Cave, where others have found fortunes in treasure and gold, though it is rumored that some who enter are never seen again. Magic is said to work in the cave. I will be your eyes and hands. Direct me with commands of 1 or 2 words. I should warn you that I look at only the first five letters of each word, so you'll have to enter "NORTHEAST" as "NE" to distinguish it from "NORTH". (Should you get stuck, type "HELP" for some general hints. For infor- mation on how to end your adventure, etc., type "INFO".)

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