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Your goal is to control the falling blocks with keyboard in this variant of classic tile-matching puzzle video game.

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Are you looking to improve your typing skills?

Do you enjoy block dropping games?

Have you ever imagined to drop blocks as a Typing game?

Well now you're in luck! Enter Keytris for Typers.

Taking massive inspiration from popular block dropping gamnes, Keytris is a fun-filed, typing game that has players control various falling blocks by typing certain indicated keys to avoid filling the screen with too many blocks (game over!) and generate a high score as possible.

Consisting up to 20 difficulty levels, Keytris is accessible to all levels of play. With each increasing difficulty, the blocks fall faster, giving you less time to type and think. If the game still isn't hard enough for you, you even have the option of playing up to three screens, each with falling blocks, simultaneous. Whether you're learning to type for the first time or typing veteran, Keytris provides both the challenge and fun.

Having identical rules to usual block dropping games, the ultimate goal is to guide falling blocks into an ideal spot to form complete rows, destroying that row of blocks for a higher score. The more blocks you destroy, the higher the score will be. The game ends when the blocks fill up to the top of the screen. The key difference with Keytris is that instead of controlling the falling blocks with the arrow keys on the keyboard, you must type an indicated key on the falling Keytris block. There are indicated keys on the top, sides, and bottom of the block. If you press the indicated key on top, the block will rotate; if you press the sides, the block will move on the indicated side. Pressing on the bottom key will cause the block to fall faster.

One word of advice is to learn the rules and each individual block piece of game. If you do not know the basic rules for game genre, Keytris will be much more difficult. Another piece of advice is to be aware of the indicated keys on the block piece; one wrong key press could eliminate an opportunity to destroy a row, resulting in a lower score. Here's the most important advice: to have fun and be patient with yourself. Don't give up! Enjoy the process of playing the game and surely your typing skills will improve. The more you play, the better you get. Like with anything in life, it takes time and some enjoyment to truly become good at Keytris.

Happy Keytrising!

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