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9999 In this clown game your fingers will learn how to type the numbers fast with numeric keypad!

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Why the Numpad Game is so Useful

Numpad is a typing game that is designed to improve a typer's speed and dexterity with the numeric keypad portion of the keyboard. The game is more skill-based so the user is able to play and improve muscle memory without consciously being aware that they are doing so, which raises the enjoyment aspect. Typing is a very useful skill to have as an adult and parents should certainly see the importance of introducing fun and effective ways to teach their children. Here are several reasons why Numpad is so useful for children of all ages.

Improve Typing Speed

The numeric keypad isn't typically used as much as the qwerty portion of the keyboard, and so many people in the workforce with impressive typing speeds can be seen slowing down when their hand moves over the numerics... This can hinder productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Should a student's typing speed remain the same across the keyboard, this enables them to be more time effective with schoolwork, later making them a highly valuable asset to an employer with a time is money mentality. Improving typing speed is all about muscle memory but that requires hours of practice. In order for a child to improve their typing speed, the method must be fun and enjoyable.

Fun and Enjoyable

The game doesn't front a strict training format with lessons and tests, instead it's designed like many apps, where each level up increases the difficulty and encourages the user to continue playing to beat their high score. When it comes to most typing games, they can get very repetitive and boring. However, Numpad focuses on providing engaging music and fun graphics to keep a child's attention. Learning does not always have to be boring and this is one game that proves that to be true.

Overall, Numpad is a game that was created with one goal in mind and that is to make sure that a child enjoys learning how to type. There are several other games on and they all are as useful and enjoyable as Numpad. The music, graphics, and overall gameplay are what allows it to stand out amongst the other games out there. Surprisingly, Numpad is also very enjoyable for adults and can be a fun challenge for those that want to hone their skills. Whether you are looking to build a typing foundation for a child or looking for a fun typing challenge yourself, Numpad is worth trying.

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