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Quick Brown Fox in TyperLand

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dogs and frogs. The mission is to find all diamonds and food. Hit control keys to run and jump.

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How to Play

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy frogs and dogs in this new action game. To get a good score, its required that you keep your fingers in proper home row positions and know how to touch-type alphabet. Find all diamonds and collect all food, at same time avoid other animals, who want to catch you! Use surrounding keys (a-z) to move either to left or right, and the upper key is used to jump. The keys that make you move left, will be ones that you should touch type with your left hand, and right hand keys move to right. Jumping happens with fore-finger keys that are in middle of your home row hand position. Please feel free to choose another level from choose keys dropdown box, you can e.g. play with middle and upper row.

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